A Note of Thanks, and a New Beginning

Why We Started GIG

Over the past four years, a small team of five super heroes have been running Gridiron-Guru. We started GIG because of our love of fantasy football and the analytics that go into building a winning team.

Our Community has
become Family

Over that time, many of you have become part of our extended family. Every day we looked forward to trading emails, tweets and posts with you. Knowing that you were part of our community became our motivation to grow and improve. It is hard to explain how rewarding it has been to assist many of you in winning your leagues.

We've Accomplished
A Lot

During our four years together, we saw hundreds of thousands of visits each year. We enjoyed being a part of SiriusXM's offering for a brief time - where we got to share our advice with a huge audience. We were part of several publications including USAtoday's awesome fantasy football magazine. We competed in some incredible fantasy expert leagues. I'm proud to say that we defeated some of the best and brightest in our space during those competitions.

We Wish Our Community

With a heavy heart, we want to notify you that Gridiron-Guru will not be running in 2015.
We wish all of you good luck in your fantasy seasons!

We're Moving

In positive news, a portion of our team has been focusing on a very exciting new project. We are building out a fantasy e-sports site called KillingSpree. Please join us @ KillingSpree.io if you would like to be a part of our new extended family! We have been enjoying fantasy e-sports from a distance for a while. Given our experience over the past four years, we believe that we can offer a superior experience to anything that exists in that space today.