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How do I Choose the Best Broomball Shoes?

Jodee Redmond
Jodee Redmond

Broomball is a a game that is similar to ice hockey, but it is played with a ball instead of a puck and a broom that has been dipped in rubber at the straw end rather than a stick. It is quite popular in Canada, and is played indoors and outdoors on a rink. Special broomball shoes are worn by the players and you need to choose these carefully to get the most of out of them.

Broomball shoes look similar to running shoes, except that they have an extra-thick rubber sole on them. During the game, players run across the ice after the ball. You will want to make sure that you examine the treads on the broomball shoes you are considering to make sure that you will be able to across the ice surface without slipping.

Man boxing
Man boxing

Some broomball shoes are specifically made for indoor use, while others may be worn on indoor or outdoor surfaces. The difference in playing surfaces is that if you are participating in outdoor games, you may need to deal with snow on the ice surface. Indoor arenas have ice pads that are regularly cleaned and flooded to create a smoother playing surface.

You may need to try on several styles before you find the right pair for you. Broomball shoes should fit your feet comfortably without being too tight. Be sure to try both of them on, since one foot may be slightly larger than the other. You should be able to move your toes easily in the shoes once you try them on, so look for a style that isn't too tight at the front. You may want to wear more than one pair of socks if you are playing outside and it may be a good idea to look at broomball shoes that are a little larger than what you would normally wear.

If you will be playing outside often, you may want to find a pair that has waterproof uppers to keep your feet warm and dry. You will also want to find a pair of broomball shoes that provide you with good ankle support. Shop for them in the same way that you would buy skates. It's important that they feel firm without pinching anywhere. If something hurts when you are trying the shoes on for the first time, it's unlikely that they will feel more comfortable after you start playing while wearing them.

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@panda2006, Used broomball shoes can be a great idea for new players, both to cut costs and get a feel for the shoes, like you said, and to see what options there are for equipment. When buying any broomball equipment I would also recommend that new players get advice from someone with more experience.


When you buy broomball shoes, consider how much you plan on using them, and whether or not you can consider used shoes; if you are playing only for a short amount of time, or getting your first pair, it might be a good idea to cut costs but getting secondhand shoes. Broomball shoes can take a bit of getting used to. If after buying one pair you like them, you can find a new pair later on when you have a better idea of what suits your needs.

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